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What if Regression Therapy is the answer you have been looking for?

Updated: Jun 16, 2023

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What If Regression Therapy Is The Answer

We sometimes unnecessarily and, often, involuntarily, submit to detrimental, harmful, or toxic situations and patterns in our lives, where we fail to recognize our potential for a happier or more successful version of ourselves. Unreasonable, overpowering feelings of guilt, low self-esteem, anxiety or high levels of anger are examples of such patterns that can be crippling or completely destructive, not only to our well-being but also towards those who care about us. The worst part is that we can become so engrossed in these patterns to where we may view them as part of our personality, or even our identity.

Continuous exposure to such negative thoughts can lead to recurrent illnesses, relationship issues, intimacy challenges, phobias, trauma, and more. Without an understanding of what’s causing these problems or the realization that we can indeed overcome them, we often just accept our “doom” and live with it. This does not have to be the case! Noticing and challenging these patterns is the key to correcting them and this is where regression therapy can help.

Regression therapy is the answer to treating fears, phobias, or manage unpleasant thoughts that may hinder a person’s ability to design and take control of their life. This practice consists of the 3R’s: retrieve, relive, and resolve past experiences that are manifesting themselves in our present and impeding us from moving forward.

The phrase “it’s all in the mind” can be true in the sense that all our memories, beliefs, and thoughts are, indeed, created and kept in the mind. All our experiences reckoning back to our birth are arranged neatly in the mental framework of our brains, similar to computer files in a memory bank. However, unlike a computer, the mind has a way of keeping only the relevant memories on the surface; the rest remain hidden, repressed, and forgotten.

In general, that’s not a problem; to move forward we need to forget. However, this becomes problematic when such thoughts negatively and indirectly affect our current decisions and actions creating dissatisfaction, unhappiness, anxiety, and even depression. Regression therapy can help isolate the exact moment(s) in our past that have created these thoughts, without opening Pandora’s box of those that should be kept hidden.

Let’s go into a brief overview of what to expect during a session. With the help of a therapist, the client is asked to get in a comfortable position (seated or lying on their back). The therapist then asks preparatory questions to start the session, such as the patient’s name and occupation, slowly moving into reminding the client of what is about to happen – the regression to a period in their past. The client would close his/her eyes, and the process begins.

As he/she enters a mode of trance and gets to the time when the related incident happened, the therapist attempts to strategically dig deeper into that experience. Right there, impressions, doubts, and pains that may resurface are redefined through the right questions and directed toward resolving the current issues they have triggered. Returning from the state of trance is as smooth as when the client entered it, this time with renewed (or about to be renewed) perspective.

One of the most practised methods of regression therapy is the inner child regression type, where the therapist takes the client to a particular time in the latter’s childhood to find the experience which has impacted the way he/she is as an adult.

At Luminous Transformational coaching practice, we offer regression therapy as well as one of the methods to help you heal from the past. After reading this blog you might have a lot of questions related to regression therapy or you might be interested in experiencing it. Or if you believe that regression therapy is the form of therapy that you need to set yourself free from anything that is holding you back.

All you need to do is book your 30 mins free consultation with our clinical therapist and together you can decide if Regression Therapy is the right approach. What you don't want to do is miss the chance to set yourself free from anything that's holding you back from becoming who you truly want to be.

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