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Me, Myself and I 
Transformational 90 days program

For healing and rebuilding your life

The Impact of Trauma


Whatever your outlook is on life, you cannot deny the fact that it does not go by without some scarring. Some of those scars heal on their own and never hurt again. Some leave a lifetime of emotional bruises that hurt when touched, and some never heal or keep reopening at the slightest brush. The type of experiences that keeps causing us extreme pain, regardless of how much time has passed, are collectively called trauma. Examples of traumatic experiences include the death of a close person, financial or other meaningful loss, rape and abuse, fearsome harassment and bullying, abandonment, war and violence, kidnapping, illness, and many more. Even smaller-scale events like rejection, mockery, humiliation, self-deprecation, external criticism, or being a spectator to someone else’s misfortune can be traumatic depending on the intensity and/or longevity of the exposure. 


Trauma can lead to PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder), which can then spill into other areas of our lives and impede us from accessing and enjoying the things we deserve, such as love, happiness, success, health, friendships, professional opportunities, and self-care. We make the mistake of believing that shoving past hurtful experiences under the rug will make them go away. But ignoring or numbing our feelings is not healing, by doing so, we risk compounding that pain with every new experience that triggers it, to the point where we cannot adequately function as members of society, friends, or family members.


Any negative experience that has imprinted itself so deeply onto our subconscious and seeped into our mentality needs to be addressed, evaluated, and resolved. Otherwise, it can block us from leading healthy, satisfactory lives. We can’t enjoy the future if we’re shackled or weighed down by the past and/or present. Life isn’t meant to be lived passively, floating in whichever direction the wind blows, being at the mercy of our emotions, and fearing new experiences. Life should be lived fully and intentionally.

Luminous Transformational Coaching  

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When Healing is Not Enough on Its Own


Wiping off long-held pain and outdated beliefs is only the first step in this process. After many years of helping clients eradicate trauma, one question always comes up at the end of our sessions: “What now?” Putting the past behind has to come with finding a new path to move forward on. 


The beauty of our 90 days programme is that we will not only work on healing your past traumas but will also focus on optimizing and getting the most out of your present AND future. We will look at making use of all your current resources and circumstances, based on your newly acquired mindset and beliefs, and setting new goals for your future.


Regardless of your background, gender, status, or occupation, the methods that we use in this programme will work for you as well. Some of the clients that have benefitted the most from this process are both men and women with culturally diverse backgrounds and a large range of experiences. Some of the outcomes that have come out of our 90 days programme include:

  • Closing inner child wounds

  • Setting healthy boundaries

  • Building self-esteem and confidence

  • Increasing self-awareness

  • Balancing the body, mind, and soul


So ask yourself… isn’t it time to transform your life from the inside out, salvage those broken relationships, break through all barriers, start respecting your worth, and grow deeper in love with yourself? If so, keep reading to learn more.

How the Programme Works


As you might have guessed, the programme lasts for 90 days. You can choose to have two weekly sessions (one for 60 mins and one for 30 mins) or one weekly session for 90 mins each. 

Going on this journey together will likely be an intense emotional and mental rollercoaster, requiring 100% commitment on your side to get to the end. Therefore, before starting the programme, We would like to have a 20 min. phone consultation to assess your needs and readiness.


Once we determine that this is a good fit for you, we will start our session with the healing part of the process. Through the use of multiple techniques, such as NLP, life coaching, NNRT (rapid eye movement therapy), and/or root cause therapy, we will investigate all underlying issues behind your current circumstances (not just the ones you are aware of) and reframe them. We will help you understand your current mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual state, and then work on optimizing it.


For the time in between our sessions, we will provide you with exercises and tools like guided meditations to fortify the mindset shifts we made together and continue on your progress. The therapist will be also available by email or text 24/7 to support you in those low moments that will inevitably happen throughout this process.


At the end of this programme, you would have silenced your inner critic, and experienced unexpected, life-changing breakthroughs. You will finally see yourself for who you truly are and not whom society wants/makes you out to be.


The 90 days provided are usually enough for most individuals. However, if you’d like to continue getting support with anything else in your life or do not feel ready yet to take on life after the programme, then you can benefit from our special 50% discount on the general 4 sessions or 8 sessions coaching packages we offer. 


We are here for you for as long as you need us. So reach out if you are ready to change your life once and for all!