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Building confidence & Self esteem

The Role and Effect of Self-esteem and Confidence in Our Lives


Our self-esteem is based on our sense of worth, perceived self-value accomplishments, and our body image. These are inextricably linked to our confidence - our idea of what we can do (vs what we have already achieved) and how far we can go, in both our personal and professional lives. Self-esteem and confidence levels regularly fluctuate for all individuals. Drops in those levels only become concerning when they start sabotaging action and placing subconscious blocks on our progress.


A realistic understanding of your shortcomings is not harmful. Such self-awareness can guide us towards areas of improvement which may lead to growth and success. However, focusing only on our shortcomings, and thus building a low self-esteem and self-confidence level, may have the opposite effect.

A skewed view of one’s worth and abilities is known to lead to issues such as procrastination, anxiety, depression, fear of trying, hostility, low self-care, lack of resilience, and even self-harm. None of these habits serves us in the end.


To evaluate your level of self-esteem and confidence, see how many of the following questions you can answer affirmatively:


  • Do I regularly recognise my strength, successes, and progress?

  • Do I take compliments well and believe them?

  • Do I downplay my achievements?

  • Do I set big enough goals for myself?

  • Do I use enough positive words when describing myself?

  • Do I like the person I see in the mirror?

  • If given the choice, would I still want to be myself over someone else?

  • Am I able to overcome guilt, regret, self-blame, and judgements easily?

  • Do I deal well with imposter syndrome (the belief that I don’t deserve my success)?


The more questions you’ve answered with a “no,” “not really” or “not sure,” the more likely your struggles with confidence and self-esteem are affecting your life. But all is not lost yet!

Luminous Transformational Coaching  

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Once You See a Therapist


We like to compare confidence and self-esteem with a fragile glass. Our life experiences, whether new or old, have hit, cracked, and maybe even broken that glass. With every new hit, it becomes harder to fix it. Picking back the pieces and glueing them together still leaves us fragile and vulnerable to new hits.

But what if we tried reinforcing that glass with a coating such as resin? Resin or epoxy is a durable fluid secreted by trees to protect themselves from external attacks and to heal their wounds. Our coaching sessions will be like a resin coat to your self-esteem and confidence; they will not allow it to get broken again.


We do not work with the surface symptoms that come from a lack of confidence; we penetrate beneath the layers of your subconscious, right into your core premises and past experiences. In essence, our coaching is aimed at establishing a strong mental foundation that cannot be cracked no matter how hard it gets hit.

Through the use of methods like hypnotherapy or NLP, we help you realise where your beliefs are taking a wrong turn and how those turns impact your life. From that understanding, we guide you back to erase those mental pathways and reinforcing new, healthier ones.

Redesigning Your Life

The tools you gain during our coaching sessions will make you feel empowered and strong. You not only will be able to remove your current negative beliefs, but also establish new patterns of thinking that can best serve you in the future. You’ll start liking yourself, believing and accepting compliments, pursuing new goals with full intention and energy, and accurately realizing that there is a whole universe within you that’s worth exploring.

This mindset shift won’t turn you into an arrogant, self-centred person. On the contrary, you’ll still keep your unique personality but without the fear of showcasing it to its fullest. Confidence will not only show up in your words but also in your gestures and body language. You’ll give out a different image of yourself and, in return, attract more positivity and opportunities.

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