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Time doesn't heal all wounds!

Updated: Jun 16, 2023

Poster for ' Time Doesn't Heal All Wounds'
Time Doesnt Heal All Wounds

We are often afraid to feel emotions fully, so we get into our heads to justify things, avoiding the emotions and not giving them attention and love.

A great example is a phrase 'Time heals all wounds" which has given this false idea that as long as you let time pass by you will be fine. That you don't have to deal with the pain because time will make it go away. Simply letting time pass by makes you forget, as you get distracted with the daily happenings of life. However, time doesn't heal all wounds.

Yes, time is a factor in the healing process as it allows one to reflect after the event and in a more stable emotional state. Time will pass anyway, whether you want to or not, what you do as time passes is more important.

How can you express, process, and heal emotions and past hurts instead of keeping them bottled up?

The first step is awareness. When you are aware that you are feeling negative emotions, it opens up the window to further explore the depths of your being. Ask yourself questions to direct your mind to investigate past events that were emotionally difficult to go through.

When you think of something ask yourself questions like:

  • What happened?

  • How did I feel at the time? What emotion am I feeling?

  • What bothered or hurt me?

  • Did a boundary get crossed?

  • What were my needs and how were they not met?

  • What is happening to my body? Where do I feel the pain?

  • What is this emotion trying to tell me?

  • What can I do to resolve this?

If you don't think immediately of something that has hurt you in the past, your mind may have buried it deep to protect you. Try to keep a journal. Journaling can help you keep track of events, how you felt, how you reacted and that can already give you a lot of information.

Be compssionate with yourself, fully feel and accept what you're feeling and be gentle as you would be with a child. Be patient with your healing process however long it takes. It's a journey where each step matters. Each step brings you closer to closure.

Do you think about your emotions and their meaning?

Do you let yourself feel uncomfortable emotions or do you tend to suppress them?

At Luminous Transformational Coaching practice, we help you with accepting, processing all your emotions, we teach you how to cope with unpleasant emotions.

So if you think you need some support feel free to book your 30 mins free consultation today.

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